Advanced Trained Novalash® Extensionist

SPECIAL PRICING FOR A LIMITED TIME — $175  CASH ONLY!  Discount taken at completion of appointment.

Award-winning, long-lasting, medical-grade lash extension adhesives have earned NovaLash® its reputation as the healthiest professional eyelash extension system. Comprised of a wide-ranging palette of colors, textures and sizes, NovaLash® extensions can be combined for looks that run the gamut from subtle and natural to trendy and glamorous; each lash application is a work of art with an intricate finish. Only NovaLash® is made in the USA, and applied by certified stylists.


First application (allow 2 hours)  $300.00 with Platinum Bond® adhesive

Monthly fills
Because of the natural growth cycle of lashes, it is necessary to reapply those that have fallen out with the lash.  Fills should be applied every 3 to 4 weeks.  (60 minutes)
$60.00 and up depending on extension loss.